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SE 3-way Pro Custom IEM's

SE 3-way Pro Custom IEM's

True 3-way monitors incorporating 3 drivers: a woofer, a midrange transducer and a super tweeter in a 3-way XO configuration and, what’s SE’s signature, 3 independent sound bores.

Technical capabilities and resolution characteristics resemble, to a very large degree, the presentation of SE 5-way Reference monitors, except for overall less bass weight, making them a brighter and thinner version of SE-5’s.

Low notes can go deep when provided by recordings, but overall, the main goal of the 3-way Pro is to deliver a sound that is coherent, hi-resolution, more analytical, but still natural and neutral, that is focused mainly on ultra clear mids and highs rather than raw bass power capabilities that SE-5’s are also able to deliver when necessary. They also share similar ADSR and PraT traits, though the SE-5’s are capable of more variations in sustain and release of notes in this regard.

Available in:

  • transparent (high gloss crystal clear with an anti-yellowing protection)
  • black opaque
  • custom transparent-black

Items included:

  • In-Ear Monitors
  • cleaning tool
  • instruction manual
  • protective case.


€ 869 Fixed cable version

€ 939 Detachable cable version

* Price of the product does not include shipping costs.

Two additional monitors have been introduced: 1-way Pro and 3-way Pro. Detachable cables utilizing standard, non-proprietary connectors, compatible with aftermarket cables are now available with Spiral Ear Monitors!